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Plant List

Shipment - Beginning of March (this section is closed to orders):

Shipment - Second Week in April:

You will be able to pick up the first shipment of plants at Margaret Howard's home at 406 South Main Street, Lexington. An email with dates and times will be sent at a later date.

Note: * after the plant name denotes that that maximum order quantity is 3 plants.
Plants will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Orders must be pre-paid.

Plants will be in cells as received from North Creek.

Price per cell is $3.00.

One pick-up day and location for each shipment.

These plants will also be available at regular prices at the Plant Sale.

For descriptions of each plant, click on the plant name, or the link below to the North Creek Nurseries website. This is a wholesaler, so you cannot order directly from North Creek.

North Creek Nurseries



Photos courtesy of North Creek Nurseries, Bluestone Perennials and Jelitto Seeds