Plant Sale Pre-Sale

Plant List

Our second Pre-Sale of plants from North Creek Nurseries is upon us. As before these will be available before the Plant Sale to Master Gardeners ONLY.

Barring crop failure or delayed shipping, we expect to have the following plants available in the time frame noted:

For a detailed description and pictures of each plant, click on the plant name.




Shipment - Second Week in April:


   Lupinus perennis

   Mertensia virginica

   Porteranthus trifoliatus *

   Pycncnthemum flexosum

   Scutellaria incana

   Eupatorium purpureum "Gateway" *

   Chelone glabra

   Chelone lyonii "Hot Lips"

You will be able to pick up the plants at Peggy Bateson’s home on April 22nd between 10 AM and noon at 825 Still House Drive, Lexington.  If you can NOT pick up at this date and time, please try to have someone else pick them up for you, or make arrangements with Saundra Martis at 463-6841.   Please mark your calendars because there are NO refunds and plants will NOT be held.

Note: * after the plant name denotes that that maximum order quantity is 3 plants.
Plants will be available on a first come first serve basis.

Orders must be pre-paid.

Plants will be in cells as received from North Creek.

Price per cell is $3.00, except $4.00 for Mertensia virginica.

One pick-up day and location for each shipment.

These plants will also be available at regular prices at the Plant Sale, except Mertensia virginica will not be in the Plant Sale.

For descriptions of each plant, click on the plant name, or the link below to the North Creek Nurseries website. This is a wholesaler, so you cannot order directly from North Creek.

North Creek Nurseries


Pre-Sale Closed