ONLINE Plant Sale

The Online Plant Sale will end on Saturday, June 20 at 10pm.


As you are all well-aware, during these times of social distance guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel our annual Plant Sale, leaving us with about 1200 plants dug or purchased, over-wintered and tended, and eventually unsold.

Knowing a cancellation was likely, the Plant Sale Team started brainstorming on ways to turn that inventory into the dollars we count on to fuel our organization. We continued the preparation work that we’d started last Fall, prioritizing what would support a new, different and SAFE transfer of inventory ownership.  At the May RAMGA Board Meeting we presented and discussed our proposal.

Faith presented the Board-supported proposal to Tom Stanley and early June we received a go-ahead.

Here is the plan for the RAMGA 2020 Inventory Liquidation:

  • All inventory will be offered on this website and paid via PayPal, just like we handle the Pre-Sale.

  • RAMGA members have received a PDF format file of the PREMINARY Inventory list including quantity available and price by email through VMS. The final list available below in two versions: sorted by Latin Plant Name and sorted by Category.

  • The offer and access to purchase is limited to RAMGA Members only. However, all Members are welcome (indeed encouraged) to engage friends, family and neighbors in a co-operative purchase handled completely by the Member.

  • Plant pick-up is “curb-side.” Inventory has been split between two locations in the Kerrs Creek area. Depending on the mix of plants purchased, a RAMGA member may have to make two stops, by appointment only.


Now that we know we can move ahead, many people are working to make sure we launch with the fewest problems. Details of the work to streamline and expedite this liquidation have been purposely left out of the description above. Just the same, please do not hesitate to reach out if you foresee an issue we may not have anticipated.

Following are two versions of the List of Plants: Sorted by Latin (or Botanical) name and sorted by Category. Please do study it and share with anyone you know who might want to participate in your order. Click on the lists and you may download them for study.  The inventory on the two plant lists reflects the stock on hand prior to the beginning of the sale.  The order page will list the plants still in stock.


Plant List Sorted by Latin Name

Plant List Sorted by Category

We are asking you to promote this sale as enthusiastically as you would have participated in the 2020 Annual Plant Sale.


You may order using a credit card, debit card, or your PayPal account.


Plants Awaiting Your Purchase