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Buxus sempervirens is a rounded to broad-rounded shrub or small tree that is native primarily to open woodlands and rocky hillsides in southern Europe, northern Africa and western Asia. It typically matures in a shrubby form to 5-15' tall, but may grow as a tree to as much as 20-30' tall. Small, elliptic to oval to oblong leaves (1/2" to 1 1/2" long) are simple, opposite, smooth-margined and evergreen. Leaves are dark glossy green above and yellowish-green below. Inconspicuous, apetalous flowers in axillary clusters are pale green to yellow to creamy white. Flowers appear in 'Dee Runk' is a columnar boxwood selection that features glossy, dark green foliage, horizontal to slightly upward branching, and a slow growth habit. Mature specimens will reach up to 10' tall and spread to fill a 3' area. Named for Benjamin F. D. Runk (1906-1994), Professor of Biology and Dean of Students at the University of Virginia who was also associated with the Blandy Experimental Farm where this cultivar was discovered. --

Buxus sempervirens 'Dee Runk',Dee Runk Boxwood

  • Height 8-12'  3' spread, Evergreen , Part sun.




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