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This US native is a great hummingbird attractor and very heavy bloomer. Its tubular red flowers keep producing steadily, absolutely covering the plant from late spring through summer. Major Wheeler Honeysuckle is ideal for growing on a shallow trellis to add color to a bare wall or on a fence. It is also an excellent choice for arbors and pergolas or for growing as a specimen on an obelisk in a mixed garden. Its long, tubular orange-red flowers are produced in terminal clusters for a longer period than any other honeysuckle. It thrives in humidity and is mildew-free. Major Wheeler, derived from a native species discovered on the North Carolina coast, was named in honor of Charles Wheeler, former president of the North Carolina Botanical Garden Foundation. Plant of the Year, 2010.

Lonicera sempervirens 'Major Wheeler', Major Wheeler Honeysuckle

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