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This 5-7' tall rudbeckia has a basal clump of huge, paddle-shaped, bluish-green leaves (to 24” long and 10” wide) from which rise in summer sturdy, sparsely-leaved flower stalks to 7’ tall bearing yellow-rayed coneflowers (to 3” across). Each coneflower has slightly drooping rays and tall dark brown central cones ranging from 2-6” high. This summer bloomer prefers open wooded areas, moist prairies and pastures.  Flower stalks may be left in place after bloom so goldfinches can enjoy the seed.  Deer resistant.These seeds need no pretreatment (i.e. winter stratification) to germinate and can be stored dry until fall or spring sowing (or indoors in a winter greenhouse).

Rudbeckia maxima, Large Coneflower

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