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Salvia greggii is a popular, usually evergreen sub-shrub growing natively in rocky soils in Central, West and South Texas, and Mexico. It has small, dull pale green, glandular, aromatic leaves. The normally red-flowered species also has white and pink forms and many named cultivars with slightly larger or smaller, rounder or more elongate leaves, varying growth habits from very upright to sprawling, and a wide range of colors in addition to those mentioned above. Pale yellow, orange, salmon, fuchsia, purple, red-violet, burgundy, some with white variegation of leaves or flowers are commonly available. There are also numerous named hybrids with Salvia microphylla and other species, which are often referred to as "Salvia greggii types". It is valued for its adaptability to garden soils, its very long blooming season and as a magnet for hummingbirds.

Salvia greggii, Red Meadow Sage

  • Height: 12-18". Red blooms appear in June - October. Prefers sun to part shade. Deer resistant. Native plant. Attractive to pollinators.

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