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Hillbilly Tomato is a heirloom, tender, warm weather annual vegetable native to West Virginia and has been around since the 1800's. At maturity, this plant reaches the height of 48-72” and features indeterminate, 1-2 lbs. globe shaped, reddish orange tomatoes having multicolored red, orange, and yellow flesh. This plant can be grown in a container, attracts earwigs, is rabbit resistant, tolerates drought, is used to make cosmetics, insecticides, and soap, and is both edible and medicinal. 
Tomatoes are native to northwestern South America and by at least 500 BC they had been domesticated and were being cultivated as far north as modern-day Mexico, enjoyed by Aztec and other civilizations. They spread to Europe and the Caribbean through the Spanish colonizers, where they became staple parts of the food culture in many European countries as well.

Tomato 'Hillbilly' (Solanum lycopersicum 'Hillbilly')

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