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Santa Fe Maximilian Sunflower is a showy, sun-loving  prairie native named after Prince Maximilian of Germany, a naturalist who led an expedition to the West from 1832 to 1834. The Maximilian Sunflower has yellow, daisy-like blooms that grow in clusters on stalks. Each stalk can have 15-19 ray flowers 3-5" across, with 1" centers in green or deep brown. This is a larval host plant that supports the Silvery Checkerspot Butterfly (Chlosyne nycteis).

Helianthus maximiliana 'Santa Fe', Santa Fe Maximilian Sunflower

  • Height: 3-10'. Yellow blooms in fall cover top half of the stalks. Prefers sun. Deer resistant. Host plant. Native species. Attracts pollinators.
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