Rockbridge Master Gardeners

The Rockbridge Area Master Gardeners serve as an educational outreach on scientific horticultural topics to citizens of the Rockbridge area. We accomplish this through gardening hot lines, plant clinics, education in public schools, gardening programs and maintaining demonstration gardens.

We are an adjunct to the local Cooperative Extension Agent and serve under the auspices of the Virginia Cooperative Extension.


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Master Gardener Information Session

September 30, 2021 at 7:00pm

This meeting will be held virtually over Zoom.


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Starts October 10, 2021

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Our next online Plant Clinic will be at 11 am on Saturday, October 16, via Zoom. Topic is: Checklist for Fall Gardening; sharing WHAT to plant, HOW to plant, and WHEN  to start Fall garden clean up. Discussion on Soil Testing in the Fall and more....

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  Extension Office

  150 S. Main St., 2nd Floor

  Lexington, VA

Mailing address:

  P.O. Box 1383

  Lexington, VA 24450  

Tel: (540) 463-4734


​Email:  info@ramga.org


Frost Dates for Rockbridge Area

Frost dates are the day of the year when it is calculated to be 50% likely that the temperature will dip below freezing, resulting in frost on the ground.

When temperatures drop to a range of 29-30 degrees Fahrenheit, a ‘light freeze’ will damage delicate plants. A ‘moderate freeze’ will damage most plants in your garden except the hardiest, and it occurs with temperatures between 25-28 degrees Fahrenheit. A ‘severe freeze’ is almost always fatal to all garden plants, and it occurs when temperatures are lower than 24 degrees Fahrenheit.

First Frost Date

     °F         10%         50%         90%

    36°      Sep 23     Oct 4       Oct 15

    32°      Oct 2       Oct 15     Oct 27

    28°      Oct 13     Oct 28     Nov 12

Continuing education events

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The Rockbridge Area Master Gardeners has been approved by the IRS as a public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3). Donations can be deducted per IRC Section 170.

A copy of the IRS approval letter is available on request.

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