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Note: An "Out of Stock" message on individual seeds is to prevent ordering seeds online.

Rockbridge Master Gardeners Seed Saving group has developed an extensive library of information about seeds that we have offered in our free seed events.  Many of these seeds will also be available beginning February 2024 at the Rockbridge Regional Library in Lexington.  Additional information about the RRLS seed library can be found at:


If you wish to donate seeds to the seed library at the Rockbridge Regional Library, please click on the instruction "Donating Seeds to the RRLS Seed Library".

To access the RAMGA seed library, click on the seed categories above or use the search box to find information, planting instructions and helpful references for each seed.  For a handy chart containing planting instructions for all the featured seeds, click here.

For general information on starting seeds compiled by our master gardeners, see the links below:


Seed Starting:  Where to Start?

How to Sow Seeds Indoors: A Step-by-Step Guide

Outdoor Seed Sowing

Outdoor Winter Seed Sowing

Seed Pretreatment


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