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  • 1. Is there more than one training program offered each year?
    There is only one training program offered each year
  • 2. What is the duration of the Master Gardener Training Program?
    The Master Gardener Volunteer program of training and initial volunteering is completed in one year.
  • 3. What is the size of the class?
    The class size is small, usually under 20.
  • 4. Is there a minimum /maximum age limit for the class?
    The age limit minimum is 18 years old. There is no maximum age limit.
  • 5. What is the fee for the class and is this all-inclusive?
    The cost of the training program is $150.00.  (Includes all materials; digital handbook, flash drive, supplemental books and field guides, plus materials for hands-on labs.).
  • 6. Is there a lot of required reading, study, and tests or quizzes involved in the program?
    There is a good bit of reading, and the online quizzes are open book.  You will graduate from this program with excellent resources (digital handbook and PowerPoint Modules) to continue your research while volunteering at approved RAMGA projects.  These resources will also prove valuable in your own home garden. Note that this area of the program is completed independently.
  • 7. Will I work independently online throughout the entire training class?
    No, the program is designed for trainees to work together in a problem-solving teamwork situation during the 10 hands-on labs.
  • 8. After finishing the training program will I be a full-fledged Master Gardener?
    After finishing the training schedule, you will be a Master Gardener INTERN until you complete your 50 volunteer hours at approved projects.
  • 9. How many volunteer project opportunities will I have?
    You will have lots of volunteer opportunities at Partnership Demonstration Garden Projects, School Garden Projects, Outreach Community Projects, Newsletters, Social Media, and Fundraising Projects.  Learning about the volunteering opportunities will be included in your training.
  • 10. Do all projects require physical garden work?
    No, there is much to do outside of physical work. However, all projects share knowledge of good horticultural practices. Some non-physical opportunities include Plant Clinic, Help Desk, and Community Outreach Activities, to name a few.
  • 11. May I choose what projects interest me or will this be determined by the organization?
    We encourage each intern to explore as many projects as desired to find a “good fit” for each intern’s personal interests and talents. You select your areas in which to volunteer.
  • 12. What requirements are there, if any, to remain an active Master Gardener Volunteer in good standing?
    Upon graduating from the training class and completing the required 50 Volunteer hours, you will be a certified Master Gardener Volunteer. RAMGA annual dues are $25.00.  To remain in good standing, there is a required annual minimum of 20 Volunteer hours along with 8 Continuing Education hours. Continuing Education may be accomplished through attending RAMGA sponsored programs, reading books, or attending regional symposiums. It is also required that all members log their Volunteer hours, on a timely basis, in a web-based portal reporting system, called Better Impact.  Learning how to use Better Impact, with log-in information, will be part of your training program.
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