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Elongated clusters of light to dark blue, tubular, 2-lipped flowers with the three lobes of the lower lip appearing more prominent than the two lobes of the upper lip. Easily grown in rich, humusy, medium to wet soils in full sun to part shade. Needs constant moisture. Will tolerate full sun in cool, northern climates, but otherwise appreciates part shade. Divide clumps in spring as needed. DO NOT mulch! Makes a good cut flower. All parts of the plant are mildly toxic.
Winter sow outdoors, leaving uncovered in full shade through the winter. Check for water as needed. Indoors, sow in pots, cover with plastic, refrigerate for 3-4 weeks, then bring into 70°F in late winter. Cover with a humidity dome or add a light sprinkling of vermiculite to retain humidity until germination occurs. May self-seed.

Lobelia siphilitica, Blue Cardinal Flower

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