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The President

No, not of the United States, but, rather of our Rockbridge County Master Gardener Association. HEADLINE: “MG Nominating Committee fails to find a candidate, and here it is with winter approaching.” As we know, Faith Vosburgh, after her earlier terms as president volunteered to serve yet again when no one else would agree to run (or serve). What do we suppose discourages MG’s from taking this important office? A possibility, in my opinion, is that we no longer hold our classes in person, but rather learn on line. Although, with regard to computers I’m surely the least patient person alive, I certainly understand the convenience of this electronic mode. But I look back on the days of my MG Class with much pleasure. It came from meeting folks and developing relationships or even friendships. Could it be that finding a candidate for our presidency is a matter of a full relationship with other Master Gardeners? I recall thinking that certain members of my MG Class stood out in leadership and personal qualities, and I’ll bet that if we now met together almost every day we would be more likely to single out more of those folks, and that a personal relationship would convince one of them to serve.

Why can’t we do so without daily meetings? Actually, we have been quite successful in finding good leaders under the circumstances. Consider Faith Vosburgh, for obvious instance. Here’s a president not only smart but also imaginative. Most of all, she is seriously concerned about the art and science of a Master Gardener organization, as evidenced not only by the ideas she has introduced, but also by her willingness to serve when no other candidate was forthcoming.

It is not that we have failed to find good candidates in the past, but Faith’s devotion is extraordinary. Now is the time, however, for someone else to show something of that devotion—or at least care.

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