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Prairie dropseed is a desirable warm season grass not only for its golden orange fall hues, but also because it is host to six species of butterfly. Interestingly, in Virginia, Sporobolus heterolepis is found only in Franklin Township, considered a notable disjunction from the plant's typical geographical location in the Midwest. Sadly, prairie dropseed is in deline and is currently on the endanged species list in 7 states. Although slow growing and slow to establish, it is drought tolerant and will grow in a wide range of soil types. For best results, place seeds in dry cold storage at 40 degrees F for 2 weeks followed by direct seeding in commercial germination mix at 75 degrees temperature with 16 hours of daylength. Spray intermittently with tap water to keep soil moist.

Sporobolus heterolepis, Prairie Dropseed Grass

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